Face Recognition Using Transfer Learning

→First of all, many thanks to MR.VIMAL DAGA SIR for mentoring and training in Machine learning from very basic to advance level

→I have completed Face Recognition Using Transfer Learning

→Environment requirements —

Keras, TensorFlow, Numpy, Jupyter, cv2

→In this, I have used VGG16 pre-created dataset and using this pre-trained model implemented face-recognition over my dataset

→I have taken 2 faces of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma and collected some images.

→It is required to have Testing and Training data. So, suggested taking 80:20 ratio of training: testing dataset.

→Screenshots of whole code and workflow

→snapshots of code

→Still, adding more CNN may lead us towards higher accuracy

final output-

GitHub URL for reference- https://github.com/poojan182/face-recognition

→Thank you for your attention!

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